Can a Man Be Raped?

Published September 23, 2022 tag category
Can a Man Be Raped?
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Can a Guy Be Raped?

In Delhi the resources of India not a day passes when a rape is not reported. There is no doubt that the act of rape is primarily against a woman. But there might be an opportunity where rape can be against the male as well. I keep in mind seeing a flick at a film festival at Delhi, almost 20 years back named 'Men can not be Raped' . Maybe to an extant it may be true, but after that it can not be impossibility.

In India the Indian regulation as enacted by parliament is definitely biased for the fairer sex. Till the moment, an analysis of the Indian chastening code states that just a male can devote rape. This regulation which is a reprint of the earlier British code has not been changed.